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Quick Start: Install Firebase Server


This quick start assumes a recent Linux System with Java 1.5 or higher installed. For more requirements, please refer to the manual. Firebase is run and tested on Java 1.6 only as of Firebase version 1.6.x and later.

Download Distribution

If you do not have a distribution ZIP archive at hand, you need to download it. You can download a copy from the community site, here: http://www.cubeia.org/index.php/firebase/download.

Download the latest and greatest version, lets say "1.7.0-CE-release" and save it in you home directory.

Install Distribution

Now choose a location to install Firebase in, we'll use '/usr/local/firebase' for this quick start. Given that you saved the downloaded zip in you home directory, open a terminal and execute (and we'll also assume version 1.7.0-CE here, change for you preference):

cd /usr/local/
mkdir firebase
cd firebase/
unzip ~/firebase-1.7.0-CE-release.zip .

This should result in a new folder, called '/usr/local/firebase/firebase-1.7.0-CE'.

Start / Stop

Starting Firebase should now be a simple matter of opening a terminal in the distribution installation directory and executing the 'start.sh' script:

cd /usr/local/firebase/firebase-1.7.0-CE

And stopping a running server:

cd /usr/local/firebase/firebase-1.7.0-CE
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