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Artifacts which can be deployed on Firebase comes in 7 flavours:

  • Game Archive (.gar) which packages game JAR files together with a descriptor.
  • Service Archive (.sar) which packages service JAR files toghether with a descriptor.
  • Tournament Archives (.tar) which packages tournament JAR files toghether with a descriptor.
  • Unified Archives (.uar) which can be used to group GAR, SAR, and TAR files.
  • Data Sources (-ds.xml) used to configure JDBC data sources.
  • Persistence Archives (.par) used for EJB-style JPA archives.
  • Activator Configuration (-ga.xml) used to configure the game activator.


All archives can be packaged using Maven. If you don't use Maven you'll have to package them manually, see the links above.


To deploy an artifact on a Firebase server you need to install a stand alone server. After which:

  1. Copy artifact to 'game/deploy' in the Firebase installation directory.
  2. Start / Restart Firebase, more information here.
  3. Monitor the 'logs/system.log' for notification on deployed artifacts.
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