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Getting Started

Welcome to the world of Firebase! This page will attempt to show you how to get started as fast as possible. You ready?

Prerequisites - Server

Firebase is a Java server, and as such you will need the lastest and greatest Java SDK from Sun Microsystems. Maven is used in almost all tutorials anyway so you should get:

Prerequisites - Client

The prerequisites on the client side depend on which language you want to use. Here are some things to keep in mind:

JavaScript / HTML5

If you want to develop the client in HTML5 using our new sexy JavaScript API, you don't need to install anything other than an HTML5 compliant browser. However, you might also want a good JavaScript editor. We recommend:

Flash / Flex

If you want to develop Flex/Flash clients you will also need Adobe Flexbuilder 3 or higher.


A Java client has essentially the same prerequisites as the server itself:

And we're off!

You in a hurry? Well, here are four quickstarts/tutorials to get you started:

Client Focused Tutorials

These tutorials put the emphasis on the client, but they will help you get the server side up and running as well.

Server Focused Tutorials

These tutorials put the emphasis on the server side, but we'll create a client so you can actually test your server as well.


Every self respecting game server should have TicTacToe examples. Below you'll find not only the game server and a client, but also bots and a tournament.


There's a helpful series (ongoing) at the blog called "Firebase From Scratch":

Otherwise there's also the developer documentation:


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