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A simple example of using Flash CS4 with Firebase

If you have Flash CS4, then it is very simple to use the Firebase .swc library directly.
Open menu "File/Publish Settings/Flash/Settings/Library path" then "Browse to SWC file" (press the File:SwcBrowse.png symbol in the dialouge)
Select the firebase-flash-api-1.7.0-CE.swc file.

You can now use the Firebase flash API in your flash project.
See example below.
Unzip to a directory, edit and change the gameid in line 15 of frame 10 actions and you should be able to connect to your firebase server.


Compared to the Flex example we have the following key frames:
Frame 1 - connect
Frame 5 - login
Frame 10 - lobby
Frame 15 - table

Please note that this is a rather quick and dirty approach with all the code inside the frames, updated version will be available later on.

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