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Cubeia Network

Cubeia Network is a loosely coupled suite of components that are typically used as supporting services in gaming systems. They are not coupled directly with the game server and our goal is to make each components as stand alone as possible but still be easily integrated together.

Here you can find administration pages, tutorials and general tips & tricks.

  • Quickstart - 1 minute install using the quick start bundle
  • Installing - Setting up and installing web services from scratch.

User Service

Wallet Service

Tools of the Trade

Here are some development tools and technology that are useful to have and know when working with Java based REST services.

  • REST-Client, excellent tool for testing HTTP interfaces.
  • curl, command line network tool. Very good for talking with REST services.
  • Log4J, all our services uses Log4J for logging purposes.
  • Tomcat, simple and robust web container. We use this in production environments.
  • MySQL, our choice of database. We use JDBC connections so you can use what you want of course.
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