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Protocol Generator Plugin

The protocol generator plugin is used for generating source code from a protocol.xml file, as specified by the StyxProtocol?. The plugin currently takes the following parameters:

The name of the protocol file.
The language to generate, available values are: 'java', 'c' and 'flash'.
The package to put the generated files in
output_dir (DEPRECATED since 1.7-SNAPSHOT)
Where to put the generated code. This will be deprecated in future versions.
Base directory for the generated code. Default is target/jruby-protocol-plugin/generated-sources. The generated source will be generated to <output_base_dir>/<language>/<langugage specific package structure>.
Should be set to true. This will be deprecated in future versions.
defaults to false, if true fail the build if the XML protocol specification declares packets out of order that will generate compile errors in C++

Example usage (pom snippet):



Note that the pluginRepository is needed! Also, the Styx dependency is essential.

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